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Brought to you by Axel Boman, Kornél Kovács and Pedrodollar.

Acid Andy / Axel Boman ‎– BARN 003


Acid Andy / Axel Boman ‎– BARN 003

  1. Acid Andy - Jack Dawson Polka
  2. Axel Boman - My Dirty Laundry

    While preparing future Studio Barnhus releases featuring music from ourselves (Axel, Petter and Kornél) as well as friends and lovers like Ex-Pylon, Bodycode and Wesley Matsell, we thought it might be a good idea to put out a lovely little yellow record to keep things bumpin’ until summer arrives. 

    BARN 003 is a split single featuring two tracks – one a cut-up disco monster by our good friend from Gothenburg, Andreas Jonsson (or Acid Andy as his mother calls him) – the other a psycho killa trancehall jam from sweet old Boman himself. 

    Both tracks have been tried, tested, rinsed out and wheeled up by us Barnhus boys for a few good months now – feel free to give them a chance at your own local discothèque this weekend! 

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