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Art Alfie - Reveries Of

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Art Alfie.jpg

Art Alfie - Reveries Of


A1. Intro
A2. A Lover's Anxiety  
A3. Klubbensborg
B1. City Neon
B2. A Blues (Dolphin Cruise Edit)
C1. Greg's Island
C2. Esquinas Feat. Daniel Rääf
D1. East Village Trip  
D2. ah hej då rå

The reveries begin with a simple electrical hum – a starting signal for the appearance of a vibrant array of sound, shifting before us in seemingly random motion. Before we know it, all those pulsating melodies, razor-cut hifi-house beats and drunken robot jazz ensembles start forming into
patterns, secretly & perfectly designed by one Art Alfie.

A long time operator in Stockholm's small but insistent underground music scene, Oscar Wedrén broke through internationally in 2012 with the Karlovak project, founded with on-off studio and dj partner Rudolf Nordström, a.k.a. Mr. Tophat. The duo's inexplicably fresh takes on classic dance music tropes is as much a result of a brilliantly odd pairing of personalities as of a defined concept and a precise method in searching for the perfect house groove.

While writing Reveries Of, released early spring 2017 through Studio Barnhus, Art Alfie freed himself of all conceptual footholds, delving instead deep into his archives of old and new memories and feels, working with improptu field recordings and emotionally-guided sampling processes. He
came back with an intricate and personal debut album and he didn't lose his groove on the way.

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