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Baba Stiltz - Is Everything


Baba Stiltz - Is Everything


 A1. Snowwhite
 A2. Baby
 A3. Freeeze
 B1. XXX200003
 B2. Are You Mad? Cause I'm Not Mad...

Baba Stiltz-on-Studio Barnhus is an ongoing series of records that both define our label and constitute a sort of independent, freewheeling sidetrack to its narrative. From the tempo-bending noise-house of his 2013 label debut Our Girls to this new Is Everything EP, his eighth original Studio Barnhus release, our buddy Baba has never not amazed us with his unpredictable methods, rigorous work ethic and life-changing trax.

On this particular record: Icy techno soul, actual r'n'b, the real future funk! An opportune start to '17 for us and Baba, who's looking forward to a year filled with a variety of record releases, collaborations, dj nights and live shows.

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