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Boska ‎– Santa Cruz EP

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Boska ‎– Santa Cruz EP

  1. Boska - Higgs
  2. Boska - High Heels
  3. Boska - Braids
  4. Boska - Scent
  5. Boska -  Santa Cruz

    Boska's British Funk Museum Article No. 808 (BARN 013) was a track that just HAD to be released on green vinyl, one of the finest examples of Norwegian neofuturistic anglofilia EVER and still very much a staple of our dj sets. 

    We're no dummies at Barnhus HQ, so of course we've been planning a full Boska release on the label ever since we put out BFMAN808 back in 2013. 

    Almost exactly one year in the making then, Santa Cruz EP arrives. Four slices of that fresh, clean, bass-heavy and totally melancholic scando-house we know you love. All tried & tested at the club and in the backseats of our rides by yours truly. Enjoy! 

    With love from Stockholm, 

    PS. We'd like to inform all of you who are somehow involved in the promotion of dance music fiestas around the globe, that Boska's exhilarating look-ma-no-computer live act, one of the best in the game for sure, is now available for booking. Visit for more info!

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