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Kornél Kovács ‎– Szikra

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Kornél Kovács ‎– Szikra

  1. Kornél Kovács ‎- Szikra
  2. Kornél Kovács  - Szikra (Bónusz Beat)
  3. Kornél Kovács ‎- Szikra (Abdulla Rashim Remix)

    "Runs so deep it puts your butt to sleep", to paraphrase actor/musician Ice Cube in his seminal hit It Was a Good Day. And it is a good day for lovers of high-grade house music. 

    Szikra is Kornél Kovács at his most wistfully nostalgic. Ultra-smooth keys offset by noisy lo-fi breakbeats and vocals urging you to git fucked up, like Metro Area caught up... in smoke! 

    All the trademark sounds of the Barnhus massive are present - off-kilter playfulness paired with the cocky swagger of a south Stockholm roughneck and an infectious pop sensibility that lingers in your head long after the needle hits the inner groove. 

    The so-called Bónusz Beat is actually a track in its own right, sacrificing most of the hook and the vocals for a dubby smackdown ripe for adventurous dancefloors. 

    Young Stockholm producer Abdulla Rashim closes out the set with a perfectly horizontal techno groove, using only elements from the original production.

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