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Simon Haydo ‎– Corrupted From Memory


Simon Haydo ‎– Corrupted From Memory

  1. Simon Haydo - Step Inside
  2. Simon Haydo - Infiltrate Imagination
  3. Simon Haydo - They Keep Calling Me
  4. Simon Haydo - In Silence

    "Corrupted from memory, no longer the power / It's creeping up slowly - the last fatal hour" 

    After the mind-expanding MS20-fest that was his Studio Barnhus debut earlier this year and with a warehouse-maddening remix for Naphta fresh in the stores, Simon Haydo returns to his home away from home with a glowing four-track ep chock-full of beautiful techno ranging from the mischievously boombastic to the straight up drugged. Artwork by Johannes Brander.

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