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Wesley Matsell ‎– Zones Within Zones

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Wesley Matsell ‎– Zones Within Zones

  1. Wesley Matsell ‎– The Unmaker
  2. Wesley Matsell ‎– Ultra Vivid Parse
  3. Wesley Matsell ‎– Mind Vs. Mind
  4. Wesley Matsell ‎– Pyramideleven

    Studio Barnhus number nine is called Zones Within Zones – it’s an EP by Wesley Matsell, who follows up his 2008 debut on Border Community with four brand new tracks: The Unmaker (euphoric Soundhack-meets-Junior Boy’s Own rave smasher), Ultra Vivid Parse (noisy Chicago-on-‘roids stomper), Mind Vs. Mind (trippy-as-fuck techno funkster) and Pyramideleven (gggnnnaaaaaahhh).
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