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Lukas Nystrand von Unge ‎– Studio Barnhus EP No. 1

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Lukas Nystrand von Unge ‎– Studio Barnhus EP No. 1

  1. Förmodligen
  2. Melodi
  3. Bra För Dig
  4. Gamla Skolan
  5. En Slags Popmusik
  6. Det Beror På

    The wondrous music of Lukas Nystrand von Unge is the sauce to our spaghetti, the mayo to our chips, the booty to our faces... His awesome tracks have been making the rounds on hissy cassettes, scratched up cdrs and chaotic Soundcloud pages ever since he first started making music in 1987. Utilising equal parts playfulness and rigid methodology, he's slowly but surely carved out a unique ”ljudbild” over the years - one which combines heavenly melodies with dubby lo-fi esthetics, white funk and black pop. 

    On this first of several Studio Barnhus releases from Lukas, you'll find six tracks recorded over a timespan of ten years – all spontaneously composed in that musical/mythological wonderland where Mariah Carey and Ornette Coleman live together in sweet harmony. 

    Lukas is 38 years old – he lives in the Stockholm suburb Tensta with his wife Elin and newborn son Otto. His emo-techno-pop anthem ”Never Fail” appeared on James Holden's DJ-Kicks compilation in 2010 and he's been running the Amiga tracking scene related netlabel Ageema Music Club since 1997. 

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