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Usio ‎– Kuwa Jasiri


Usio ‎– Kuwa Jasiri

  1. Usio ‎– Gonna Make It
  2. Usio ‎– Planet Dust
  3. Usio ‎– Over The Andes
  4. Usio ‎– Pamoja

The mysterious Usio project first showed its bewitching janus-face in 2013 with the release of Kuwa Huru, a star-striking collection of electronic blues for the dance floor that also constituted the first full-length album to appear on Studio Barnhus.

Kuwa Jasiri is a follow-up and an appendix and something entirely new – these four tracks stem from intense rehearsals of Usio's emotive, energetic live show (coming soon, if you're lucky, to a dark basement/dewy forest floor near you). 

The breezing funk of opening track Gonna Make It, the freakish stomp of Planet DustOver The Andes in all its acid-jammin' glory and contemplative, elegant closing track Pamoja have all captivated us at Studio Barnhus. It's a beautiful night outside so we thought it might be time to let these birdies fly.

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