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Brought to you by Axel Boman, Kornél Kovács and Pedrodollar.

Various Artists - Good Children Make Bad Grown Ups

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Various Artists - Good Children Make Bad Grown Ups

  1. Axel Boman - Modern Fluids
  2. Pedrodollar - Ner I Brunnen
  3. Kornél Kovács - Baby Step
  4. Gino Bomino - For Sharon

    Newborn record label Studio Barnhus is the love child of Axel Boman, Kornél Kovács and Petter Nordkvist, three fine young gentlemen who share a studio space in downtown Stockholm since 2009. 

    All three feel at home in the stranger outskirts of electronic music but also share a passion for hedonistic dancefloor madness. Not long after setting up their studio, the boys started djing together, creating havoc in dodgy gin joints and blooming warehouses from Stockholm and Budapest to Galway and Tlacotalpan. 

    More often than not, the trio would add the latest productions from the Barnhus studio in their sets to joyful cheers and uncontrollable laughter – these crowd reactions being the initial motive for starting their own label. 

    In the long run, Studio Barnhus aims to become a high profile label dedicated to pimping timeless beauty to the masses. For their first release, a handful of the Barnhus trio’s own productions are lined up – further on the label will encompass a wide range of producers, emotions and bpms in its domain.

    On the very first release from Studio Barnhus, “Good Children Make Bad Grown Ups” (BARN 001) you will find the following tracks: 

    Axel Boman – Modern Fluids
    The opening number on BARN 001 could easily be described as traditional filter house jam, were it not for a myriad of spaced out audio fireworks coming and going throughout the track. Jungle animal noises, free jazz trumpets, p-funk riffs and gunshot drum fills… When Sigmund Freud spoke of the dangers of organic house music in the early 90s, this is surely what he was on about! Axel, an experienced producer on a devastating roll at the moment, is signed to DJ Koze’s new label Pampa and is currently throwing out hot remixes everywhere - expect nothing but the best for his own label!

    Pedrodollar – Ner I brunnen
    On “Ner i brunnen”, Pedrodollar turns a Swedish 60’s pop song into a playful, catchy, euphoric bomb. Already a Stockholm club classic, this wicked little ditty will serve as a fun addition to any drunken daredevil dj’s peaktime set. 

    Kornél Kovács – Baby Step
    This mishmash of swinging breakbeats, 90’s speed garage atmospherics, razor sharp 909 hi-hats and cheesy Dutch pop vocals is a fine example of a simple collage turning into something more than the sum of its parts.

    Gino Bomino – For Sharon
    Hailing from a countryside pizza farm in northern Italy, young Gino Bomino came in contact with the Barnhus crew on the sweaty dancefloor of legendary Bologna gay club Cassero. Currently serving time in a Turkish prison for copyright infringement, Gino sent the bouncy assfunk of “For Sharon” to Stockholm with a little help from a friendly prison guard. Party hats on!

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